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Ways To Be Much More Energetic

Everyone wants to be more energetic in their day-to-day life but doesn’t want to spend some time on it. Some simple activities can change that and provide you more healthy and balanced lifestyle. But not like the TV advertisement shows by drinking energy drinks you can get instant energy they are not the answer for your more energetic lifestyle.

We can get energy by changing the simple day-to-day activity or by changing eating habits and some herbs that are given in the Ayurveda. These are the exact solution for your every question they not only boost your energy but take you towards a healthy lifestyle and also help to maintain that.

Ayurveda Approved Herbs

In Ayurveda lots of herbs, flowers, fruits are described for the treatment of various diseases, beauty treatments, and for maintaining health.   People in India have already heard of all these herbs by the Yoga gurus or from the elders in the family. These herbs can be easily found in the market. Some common herbs are:

  1. Ashwagandha: is an ancient medicinal herb that benefitted a person in various ways. It can reduce blood sugar level, stress and anxiety, symptoms of depression, increase muscle mass and strength. The athlete take this to get more muscle weight and for their better recovery thanks to its antioxidant, anti – inflammatory effect and improved the cardiorespiratory endurance thus, boosted their stamina. This is also proved by the research conducted by the U.S. University.
  2. Tulsi/Basil: it contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which protect heart. Tulsi leaves are rich in adaptogens which help in reducing the stress level in your body and also work as an immunity booster. Overall it’s enhance your physical and mental health, stamina and keep a lot of problems at bay.
  3. Brahmi: it contains powerful antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and prevent anxiety and stress. Brahmi is excellent for improving your brain function and strengthening your memory and it’s also scientifically proven. But according to a study, 300mg Brahmi help in boosting your energy level and stamina. 
  4. Shatavari: it possesses cooling, calming properties that can help in relieving physical and emotional stress. It has antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, help boost your immune system all thanks to a host of antioxidants present in it. Shatavari also translates to “curer of one hundred disease”. 

Practices That Boost Energy

Every human being is different and has different stamina for physical and mental energy is normal and nobody is entirely immune from being low on energy. But revving up energy levels can be as simple as relaxing with a cup of tea. These activities/practices can be taken according to Ayurveda wisdom. 

Simple ways to feel more energetic:

  1. Wake up early: In Ayurveda its written but also the elder people in the Indian families we always find them saying that we have to wake up with the sunrise or at least try to wake up 20 minute before sunrise. Because at the time of sunrise the atmosphere is fills with lots of positive energy, the fresh air and calmness present in morning can do magic for your body. 
  2. Morning ritual: to boost your energy we must create our own morning ritual that allow you to connect spiritually and the part of you that feels happy to be alive. The ritual can be anything you want it to be- sitting in garden and just relax or drinking your favourite tea or juice. But practice yoga and meditation for releasing the mental stress and the yoga pose which are helpful for your health and try to maintain this routine. 
  3. Eat seasonal food: food is the fuel that provide energy to your body. By eating seasonal food means the fresh fruit or vegetables available in the different seasons are full with different vitamins & minerals that provide a perfect balance to your body. By making lunch your biggest meal you give your body time to breakdown and absorb nutrients is the strongest. Because in afternoon we typically low on energy and by eating food we provide energy for the rest of the day.
  4. Prioritize joy: to be healthy we must be happy. Be sure that you provide yourself opportunities to play, laugh and celebrate the movements of your life in the busy schedule of working life. Then you automatically find more energy in the monotonous daily tasks. Make sure to provide more joyful moments in each day.  
  5. Take a breather: in Ayurveda, yoga provide different breathing exercise that provide oxygen in the body while calming the mind. For these we don’t need some much time just 5minute in between work or after work you can do that. Nadi Shodhana and Kapalabhati are two exercise that can help you stay on track.
  6. Mastering sleep routine: going to bed and wake up at the same time every day is sound easier said than done. But make sleeping routine is must to allow you do all the other activities that we planning to follow for stay energized all day. We have to also get enough sleep because if you suffer from lack of energy is might be you are not getting enough sleep.

  Quick tips:

Listen to lively music: if you feel tired, then nothing can help faster than your favorite music. So just put on your earphones and groove to the music. 

Talk to friends: talking with friends or people make you more energetic or alert. So don’t just sit in-home or office go and meet up with friends and call them to get an energy boost.

Drink more water: Ayurveda suggests drink 7-8 glasses of fresh water every day to stay hydrated will clear out toxins and ensure that the vital energies flow smoothly.

Take a quick nap: If you feeling so tired then taking a nap for 15-20 minutes during the day when you’re feeling tired can make you more energetic after the nap.

Build a strong Immunity: If you are feeling dizzy or weak throughout the day, try to follow the tips to increase your immunity and you can read more from our post to build strong immunity.

Contributed By - Renu Bajwa

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