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Nigella Sativa OR Kalonji – do you know the benefits hidden in it?

Nigella Sativa, popularly known as Kalonji in India is a spice that is very well known for its various uses in Indian Kitchens. Nigella Sativa or Black Caraway or black cumin or kalonji is native of eastern Europe and western Asia but also cultivated in a much wider area of northern Africa. Its plant grows to about 20 to 30 cm tall and its flowers are delicate and usually of pale blue and white color having five to ten petals. Its fruit is a large and inflated capsule-like shape and these capsules contain numerous seeds which are generally used as a spice.

Though Kalonji or nigella sativa is used normally as a spice and largely used in pickles in India, this seed has so many qualities that it is said that except death, it can cure almost everything. This spice is found in almost every kitchen in India and this can give benefit to almost every problem of your body. Especially, the problems related to hair, this nigella sativa or kalonji can be useful in the cure of such problems.

In nigella sativa or kalonji, we found iron, sodium, calcium, potassium, and fiber. This spice is full of amino acids and proteins and in Ayurveda, this spice is called a miraculous spice but normally people are not much aware of its numerous benefits.

If we take nigella sativa or kalonji seeds in the morning having an empty stomach with warm water, it can give relief in diabetes as well as in acidity.

For the skin problems like pimples, we can add kalonji to our diet. It can cure High Blood pressure as well as Asthma. This spice is famous for its anti-fungal qualities.

For High blood pressure, the use of nigella sativa or kalonji oil is a good remedy. Half a tablespoon of its oil taken with hot tea will give relief and this type of tea can be taken twice a day.

Kalonji oil also reduces high cholesterol as it is filled with healthy fatty acids like linoleic acid and oleic acid. Persons who are suffering from arthritis can make external use of kalonji oil and a half tablespoon of kalonji oil, one cup vinegar and two spoons of honey can be mixed well and can be applied on the joints to get relief from joints pain.

For asthmatic patients, the use of kalonji oil can be beneficial and it can be taken mixed with honey and water. One cup of warm water, one spoon of honey, and half a spoon of kalonji oil can be taken two times a day. This mixture will also benefit from cough and allergy.

Its oil is also beneficial in stomachache as this oil cures acidity, ulcer, or swelling in the stomach so for almost every type of stomach-related problem, the kalonji oil can be used.

For hair problems, the oil or seeds of nigella sativa or kalonji can be used as this make a good effect on your scalp resulting in you may get rid of your hair problems. When we talk of dandruff or allergy on the scalp which may reduce the growth of your hair as may also take you to baldness slowly, this spice can be used as this contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiviral, and analgesic qualities. This even is found beneficial in Psoriasis and eczema also. The use of nigella sativa makes your scalp moisturized which is helpful to reduce hair fall. This also avoids premature greying up of your hair.

As earlier told, this is also helpful in diabetes and for it, a cup of black tea with half spoon of kalonji oil in the morning as well as while going to bed can be taken regularly, and it will balance the level of insulin in the body.

One more miraculous quality found in kalonji is regarding the increase of memory. We can increase the memory and concentration with the use of kalonji and for it, 10 grams of mint leaves and half a spoon of kalonji oil can be boiled in water and it can be taken for 20-25 days two times a day.

Apart from its benefits, one should also take care if the person is suffering from a bleeding disorder as its nature is hot and it can increase bleeding. Further, if your blood sugar is not very high, then you should take it with caution as it may decrease the blood sugar in the body. On one side it is beneficial for high blood pressure, so if you are suffering from low blood pressure, you should not take the kalonji or kalonji oil. Lactating mothers of pregnant women should consult their doctor before using it and some people may get allergies due to its use so that use your doctor immediately if you find symptoms like an allergy.

Contributed by - Pankaj Gupta

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