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Strong Immunity Will Triumph Pandemic and Ways to Build Your Immunity Strong

This time, 2021 surged with second wave of corona 2.0 which gave a new revengeful atmosphere to almost every citizen who are now afraid of its uncontrollable and killing approach. Spreading of virus through air, not giving enough time to get hospitalised as well as lack of infrastructural facilities has upset the human being and this time many of us are finding the way out to come out of this pandemic.

Many of us are talking of strong immunity system which heals the body within ourselves and prevents us in catching the virus. As we know that immunity plays a very vital role in fighting any disease and for prevention from Corona, this time to boost our immunity so strong that we may not come under its clutches. Nature designed our immunity system in such a way that we can fight sickness and viruses of any kind but unfortunately due to our several mistakes like wrong eating habits, wrong life style, the immunity system gets affected adversely and due to this, weak immunity system prevents our body from effectively fighting sickness. Your physical fitness level alone do not define the immunity system rather good food, good habits, proper breathing, meditation, regular exercise, sound sleep, right perspective as well as positive attitude builds up a good immune system.

There are some super foods which boosts up your immunity system and I am going to give you some tips for the same.

Garlic2-3 cloves of raw garlic can be taken in the morning empty stomach every day
Ginger3 to 5 gm. Of ginger can be boiled in water or tea and can be had daily
Turmeric1 to 2 gm. Of turmeric powder with warm milk OR similar quantity of raw turmeric can be boiled in milk and can be taken once a day.
Almonds4 to 5 almonds can be soaked in water overnight and in the morning peeled off almonds can be taken daily.
Citrus FruitsA glass of orange juice, or lemon water once a day. Raw Tomato should be taken in salad
Green TeaGreen Tea can be taken twice or thrice in a day.


Daily exercising is one of the way to have a sound and perfect impact on our immunity system. Any kind of normal exercising can be done daily which mobilizes billions of immune cells in our body that are capable of killing virus infected cells. We may do light yoga inside our houses, we can do stretching, can climb stairs as well as skipping. This should be done as per one’s own stamina and gradually it should be increased. Exercise for a newcomer should not be done heavily first  day as it may adversely affect our body rather we should start with light exercise and should increase slowly day by day as per our stamina. Moreover, a walk of 30 minutes can be taken or if there is a situation of lockdown, than steps inside the home can also help in building the immunity system of our body. If can go outside, walking, cycling, jogging can be done with ease.


We normally ignore one fact of our lives that due to our life styles, we are reducing our sleeping times whereas our body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when we take a deep sleep. This busy life style has reduced our sleeping times but a quality sleep can do wonders to our overall health and can boost our immunity system. We don’t know one thing that when we sleep, our body itself works in repair mode and it repairs the broken and dead cells of our body. This is an automatic system and in sleeping healing of the major organs takes place. You might have noticed sometime that when we are in pain, we normally are restless but during this pain, if we sleep than we do not feel pain because the body is in repair mode that time and after we wake up, we again feel pain. A sound sleep not only helps us to wake up fresh and energised in the morning but also helps you to tackle the next day affairs in a better way. On the other hand, if you could not take a deep sleep, then next day you will feel exhausted. Deep sleep not only calms your mind and reduces stress but also it helps in rebuilding your immunity.

Make a habit that before going to bed, at least 30 minutes before, you will not watch T.V. rather you will take a book and read it till you fall asleep.  A hot water bath can be taken before going to sleep and also a soothing light instrumental music can be helpful in going for a deep sleep. If you carry your all day stress and tensions with you, you will miss the deep sleep. Try to separate yourself at least 30 minutes before from all the electronic gadgets and try to meditate for a few minutes before sleeping.

It’s time to adopt some good habits which will not only save us from killing viruses but will also build our immunity system strong.

  • Wash hands with soap few times during the day
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Drink warm water as much as possible
  • Have your meals on time
  • Have a balanced diet
  • Meditate regularly

Breathing and Meditation

Lastly, we would like to suggest a few tips on breathing and meditation. Try to take deep breathe in the morning few times. A deep inhale of breath, to keep it for few seconds in your stomach and to exhale the breath. In the starting, you may keep the breath for 10 or 15 seconds but gradually it can be increased as per the practice. Further for meditation, sit in a comfortable posture or you lay down and gently close your eyes. Take few deep breaths and focus on your breaths. Imagine with your closed eyes that with every inhale positive vibe are going inside and with every exhale toxins, bad feelings, negative energies, stress and anxiety is going out. Continue doing this for few minutes till you feel relaxed.

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